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Sun Dec 10: What's On & Off

Following inspections, here is the status of today's matches. Note that covers and hessian must be dried and put away at all grounds by first-named (home) sides. Matches are 90 overs unless stated. All games may be shortened as far as T20s if needed to get a game played.

Saturday Grades

A RESERVE: Burnley v Melb City, T20 @ Como East, 12.30

B GRADE: Melb City v Gunbower T20 @ Como East, 3.30

C GRADE: National v Youlden-Pkv @ Cordner, T20, 12.30

D GRADE: Flemington v Emerald Hill @ Walter St, 2pm (70ov)

Sunday Grades

A SUNDAY: N.Balwyn v Carnegie @ Macleay, 12.30

A SUNDAY: Monash Uni v Indigos @ Heatherton, 12.30

A SUNDAY: CUCC Kings v Yarra Utd @ Gerry Green, 12.30

A SUNDAY: W'town Colts v Clayton Dist @ Greenwich, 2pm (70ov)

B SUNDAY: Power House v Brunswick @ Walker West, T20, 12.30

B SUNDAY: Indigos v Sunrise @ Crawford, 12.30

B SUNDAY: Footscray Utd v TTS @ Scovell, T20, 3.30

B SUNDAY: Youlden-Pkv v Moonee Valley, T20 @ McAlister, 3.30

B STH-EAST: Malvern v TTS @ TH King, 12.30

B STH-EAST: Ashwood v Vic Vikings @ Essex Heights, 12.30

B STH-EAST: Power House v Melb Strikers, T20 @ Cordner, 3.30

B STH-EAST: Oakleigh v CUCC Kings @ Warrawee 12.30

B STH-EAST: Monash Uni v Heatherton @ McKinnon #1, 2pm (70ov)

C SUNDAY: Youlden-Pkv v Moonee Valley @ Ryder, 12.30

C SUNDAY: Melb City v TTS @ Corben, 12.30

C SUNDAY: Indigos v MPSM @ Flem Rd, 2pm (70ov)

C SUNDAY: Power House v Flem Colts, T20 @ Walker West, 3.30

C SOUTH: Clayton Dist v Burnley @ Meade, 12.30

C SOUTH: Melb Strikers v Maccabi-Ajax @ Namatjira, 2pm (70ov)

C SOUTH: S.Yarra v Ashwood @ Como West, 12.30

C SOUTH: Carnegie v Power House @ Koornang, 12.30

D SUNDAY: Youlden-Pkv v Flem Colts @ McAlister, T20, 12.30

D SUNDAY: Parkville Dist v Flemington @ Brens, T20, 3.30

D SUNDAY: Reds v Melb City @ Walker East, 12.30

D SUNDAY: Brunswick v TTS @ Holbrook, T20, 3.30

D SOUTH: Monash Uni v Maccabi-Ajax @ McKinnon #2, 1pm (80ov)

D SOUTH: Carnegie v Melb Strikers @ Lord, 12.30

D SOUTH: Barnawartha v Racing Rugby @ FP1, T20, 3.30pm


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