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Wet Weather Procudure

The MCA is committed to getting games played each week.


Our policy is if in doubt, turn up. If you have big doubts, check the MCA website (, or the MCA Facebook after 10:00 AM on match days. Players and umpires will be advised to one of the following regarding their match:

  • Report to grounds

  • The match has been rescheduled starting time

  • The match has been relocated to different ground

  • The match has been abandoned.


If no pitch has been prepared at their ground, clubs are required to SMS the Match Secretary Alec Kahn 
0410 938 191  by 8 AM on match days 



If wet weather is an issue, captains should check the MCA website or Facebook page just after 8.15am on match day. They might be asked to inspect the ground (or have a representative do so) at 9am and SMS the Match Secretary by 9.30am on 0410 938 191 with their opinion on abandoning play or delaying the start. Agreement with the other captain is not necessary.

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