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Sun Dec 3: What's On and Off

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Following inspections after overnight rain, here is the status of today's matches. Note that covers and hessian must dried and be put away by home sides at all grounds, including abandoned matches:

A SUNDAY: N.Balwyn v Indigos -- 90 ov at 12.00, DS Bull A SUNDAY: Monash Uni v Carnegie -- T20 at 12.00, Heatherton A SUNDAY: CUCC v Clayton Dist -- 90 ov at 12.00, Gerry Green A SUNDAY: Willy Colts v Yarra Utd -- T20 at 3.30pm, Greenwich Res

A RESERVE: Burnley v Falcons -- T20 at 12.30, Loughnan

B SUNDAY: Powerhouse v Sunrise -- abandoned B SUNDAY: Indigos v Brunswick -- abandoned B SUNDAY: TTS v Youlden -- T20 at Corben, put back to 12.30 B SUNDAY: Moonee Valley v Footscray Utd -- T20 at Ormond Pk, 3.30pm

B SOUTH-EAST: Malvern v Vic Vikings -- 80 ov at 1.00, TH King B SOUTH-EAST: Ashwood v CUCC -- T20 at 12.00pm, Essex Heights B SOUTH-EAST: Heatherton v Strikers -- T20 at 3.00pm, Heatherton B SOUTH-EAST: Oakleigh v TTS -- T20 at 3pm, Essex Heights B SOUTH-EAST: Power House v Monash Uni -- T20 at 3.30pm, Cordner

C GRADE: S.Yarra v National - 80 ov at 1pm at Como East C GRADE: Sacred Heart v Emerald Hill -- T20 at 12.30, Cordner

C SUNDAY: Youlden v TTS -- abandoned C SUNDAY: Moonee Valley v Melb City -- T20 at Ormond Park, 12.30pm

C SUNDAY: Indigos v Power House - - abandoned C SUNDAY: Flem Colts v MPSM -- abandoned

C SOUTH: Clayton Dist v Strikers -- 90 ov at 12.00, Meade

C SOUTH: Maccabi-Ajax v Burnley -- moved to Loughnan, T20 at 3.30pm

C SOUTH: S.Yarra v Power House -- 80 ov at 1.00, Como West

C SOUTH: Carnegie v Ashwood -- 90 ov at 12.00, Koornang

D GRADE: Flemington v Sacred Heart - abandoned

D SUNDAY: Youlden v Flemington - abandoned D SUNDAY: Parkville v Flem Colts -- abandoned D SUNDAY: TTS v Reds -- T20 at Corben, put back to 3.30pm D SUNDAY: Brunswick v Melb City – abandoned

D SOUTH: Barnawartha v Maccabi Ajax, T20 at 3.30pm, FP1

D SOUTH: Monash Uni v Strikers -- T20 @ Lord, 12.00pm D SOUTH: Carnegie v Racing Rugby -- T20 @ Lord, 3.00pm


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